Old Theories

The Atlas Institute is dedicated to rigorously testing established theories against months of market data on different currency pairs to accurately assess the success rates of said theories in the form of free reports.

New Theories

Out with the old and in with the new, our team is constantly crafting and testing new theories for free with the highest success rates possible.

Educational Services? Atlas has you covered.

1 on 1 classes dedicated to helping you be financially independant.

Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Course one, a primer on cryptocurrencies and how they work. By the end of this course you will be fully up to date on the inner workings of how to operate your own wallet as well as how to secure it.

Introduction to trading

Our second course, we go over the hard math and logic of what separates a good trader from a bad one. This goes over bad habits that new traders tend to adopt, as well as habits from experienced traders that you can learn from.

Technical Analysis: origins and applications

Our final course, this class is dedicated to the origins and applications of the science that is Technical Analysis, complete with detailed explainations of our tested methods with high success rates in addition to some bonus content.